At Indulgence, we celebrate great style and beauty of our client everyday.

Inspired by the beauty that is within each individual – elegance, simplicity, harmony and the many qualities that make us different – we work to refine your individual style using our artistry and skills.

Whatever your goal may be, we would love to hear it and assist you to accentuate your unique style, its our philosophy that has remained unchanged since the beginning, that is trusted and endorsed by our great fans and clients alike.

A modern, urban retreat for great style and enriching your personal well-being.



  • “Just visiting Hong Kong I didn't know where to go and was so lucky Roger agreed to cut my hair - he mostly cuts men but is amazing at short styles for women as well. He was friendly and took his time to make it perfect! Lovely cool salon.”
    Stella G.
    Hong Kong
  • “Central location! Service is top notch! Its been already 6 years that I'm a regular customer! Love it!”
    Julie K.
    Hong Kong
  • Absolutely loved it!
    Helga A.
    Hong Kong
  • I like doing manicure here, will come back again !
    Leman K.
    Hong Kong
  • Always awesome to get a little Indulgence for yourself, especially when all the stylist are talented, professional and personable. On top of that you get spoiled by a hair massage, cappuccino or bubbles !  Love my stylist (Canadian) Nicole and this awesome place. Thank you all xxx
    Dagmar D.
    Hong Kong
  • Lovely relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at Indulgence. My stylist Gary, always does a brilliant job tinting and cutting my hair. Also, if I've forgotten to book my next appointment and I'm desperate to indulge in some pampering, they go above and beyond to fit me in!
    Claudia L.
    Hong Kong
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